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Road Trips

April 24/04

On Saturday April 24th 2004 we will be attending a spaghetti dinner at the Snow Shoe rails to trails organization in Central PA. With any kind of luck we will have the FOX TV network on hand to do a TV program about our club and  the Earth Conservancy project in Nanticoke.  Anyone who wants to attend is welcome to do so.  You will need to be a member of the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails organization.  You can visit our new web-site which is still under constuction and print out an application for SSRT and bring it along the day of the ride and join on the spot. Here is the link for our new web-site  PMATVC

In May of 2004 The dates are confirmed  MAY/20/21/22 2004 we will be going back to the Hill.  This will be our third year at the OTTER CREEK Lodge. For everyone that has gone before it is a trip and a lodge that you will never forget. It may seem a little early but it is NOT we need to start making plans now!  As most are aware we are the only ATV club on the planet that is allowed to use this lodge. And there is a reason for that. We are really really good!  Man we must be getting old. I can remember a time when we were thrown out of Flee Bag hotels.  Anyway we can accomadate roughly 24 people depending on how many couples go.  There are only 10 bedrooms and 14 beds. Add to this a couple of footons and a couch or two and the place is filled up. Occasionaly one or two people pass out on the floor but you can not always count on that.  Below is the list of folks wanting to go just like last year. First come first served Money talks BS stays home and does not GO.  The price of the lodge has gone up as well as the deposit. All total it will be about $2200 for the three nights. This is not a confirmed price yet so do not hold me to it .  But please contact me with any questions you may have, soon. This year Jimmy and Myself will split the deposit. This way we don't have to collect it and then return it to all. Just remember not to trip and fall and smash anything or Jimmy has been authorized to use deadly force to collect any damages. Jay will help if neccesary.

Name P.I.F Deposit /PD Date/PD
01  Greg A. Hamill yes yes 12/06/03
02  Jim Booterbaugh yes yes 12/06/03
03  Todd Koistra yes 12/13/03
04  Bonnie Koistra yes 12/13/03
05  Jesse Koistra yes 12/13/03
06  Art Freed yes 12/17/03
07  Tom Kraft yes 1/9/04
08  Richard Vanoy yes 1/9/04
09  Marty Donahue yes 1/9/04
10  Joe Barnett yes 2/17/04
11  Walter Waltz yes 2/17/04
12  Steve Deleo yes 3/14/04
13  Maria Deleo yes 3/14/04
14  Frank Deleo 3/14/04
15  Stew Possinger yes 3/12/04
16  Jeff Bond yes 3/14/04
17  Lisa Bond yes 3/14/04
18  Mike Coombes Yes 2/20/04
19  Jay Lundell Yes 2/23/04
20  Butch Gurris Yes 3/10/04
21  John Benner Yes 3/11/04
22  Norm Lenneher Yes 2/22/04


P.S. I dont give a damn what else we do in 2004 but we are taking a road trip to Hatfield Mc Coy even if I have to go alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do not want to go alone, I have seen Deliverance bad things could happen to me!!  Please folks lets do it.