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    If you are wondering why you should join a club consider this. Last year in the U.S. almost one million ATV's were sold.  Pa. is second in ATV sales in the country.  Pa. has only 183 miles of trails for an estimated 400,000 registered ATV's.  We need more trails ! the DCNR says there will be no more trails until the illegal riding is brought under control.  We think the best way to eliminate the illegal riding is to increase the legal riding areas.  We need your help, by becoming a member of the PMATVC we can show the DCNR that we are willing to do our part as responsible members of a growing community of off road enthusiasts.  Then and only then can we insist on seeing our registration money put towards the building of new trails.

  I have been trying very hard to get a printable application put on this web-site and have so far had no luck.  If you are interested in joining our club please click on the link below and we will send one out to you.
                                    Thank you Greg A. Hamill


Click on the link above it will direct you to our new web site which is still under constuction. there you will be able to print out an application for our club.  Thanks for your interest in our club and we hope to hear from you soon.